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System Board Repairing

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Electronics Repair


We specialize in all sorts of electronic repairs. Our technicians are experienced in handling electronics components including computers, servers, notebooks, PDAs, cell phones, televisions, camcorders, CD/DVD players, video game controllers, radios, 2 way radios, PA systems, and many more. Bottom line, as long as it is electronic related defects, we are capable of fixing it.

Notebook Repair

We repair all sorts of notebooks including Apple, Compaq, HP, Hitachi, IBM, NEC, Sony, and many more. Our technicians will diagnose, tear down, fix and build up each laptop down to the board level. Then we ship them back to our customer.

Printed Circuit Board Repair

New_Picture14Unlike many other shops, we have the capability to do component level board repair. We are capable of repairing many circuit board problems because normally a board failure is often caused by one usually inexpensive component, it is often more cost-effective to repair the board than to replace it. With today's fast pace changes in technology, many boards tend to be obsolete or no longer available after two or three years, leaving repair as the only viable option. We will accommodate and support you through our extensive parts inventory and technology.

Circuit Board Repair Without Schematics

Apex Computer Services Sdn. Bhd. troubleshoot to component level using state of the art testing equipment. We use the test equipment to look for electronic signals from components to ascertain the component's condition. We test in both static and under power conditions. If we suspect a particular component to be faulty, it will be replaced. We continue troubleshooting through the board until all components have been tested. We use our years of combined experience to quickly locate and replace the defective components back onto the systems. Our staff has experience in repairing different types of electronic equipments, owned by well established companies.

New_Picture15With such wide experience along with the data base of thousands of repairs, enable us to locate the defect in split seconds. We also use the reverse engineering approach to start at the missing signal or action and work backwards to where the signal should be found in the process locating the defective components.

With current advanced technology of more sophisticated and expensive circuit boards, the option of repairing instead of replacing, is making sense to more OEMs. We repairs boards for plasma TVs, a wide range of computer peripheral and consumer electronics, as well as specialized telecommunication equipment for medical, security, transportation (automotive), and other industries.