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Professional Data Destruction Solutions and Hard Drive Destruction Services

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New_PictureThe Data Destruction Security Services team at Apex Computer Services Sdn. Bhd. offers several solutions to assist companies with proper handling of secure data disposal and hard drive shredding.

Hard Disk Drive Sterilization via our Data Destruction Tools certified drive stations to ensure the drives are sanitized clean and re-useable

New_Picture2Federal and state regulatory compliant Secure Data Destruction is not something that can be accomplished by running a simple software application or formatting, smashing or opening a hard disk drive. Even drilling holes in a hard drive does not render it is unrecoverable.

Endpoint absolute data destruction security must include data destruction solutions for digital media, tape and hard disk hard drives.Data Sanitizing provides assurance that sensitive data cannot be misused – ever.

Failing to properly destroy data with discarded business, proprietary, patient, customer, credit or other sensitive information could create both legal and public relations nightmares.

All our services, from data destruction to secure logistics are easily adapted to your specific needs and requirements.


  •  Ease of availability with multiple delivery options (managment console, ASP, MSI, Network PXE, CD and other Media)
  •  100 % secure data destruction for high-end servers
  •  Simultaneously erase data for up to 200+ hard drives (above 200 hard drives upon request)
  •  Fast data erasure for ATA, SATA, SCSI, FibreChannel and SAS hard drives.
  •  Process integration with user tailored solution, data destruction process and report can be enhanced.
  •  Enhanced security with password protection capability. Combined with Management Console only authenticated user can perform the erasure.
  •  Standalone capability, functions with or without Network.

Mobile Hard-Drive Data Erasure

New_Picture4Our trained technician will arrives at location and performs hard-drive erasure, ensuring data is completely wiped off before equipment ever leaves the site. Our bonded and certified technician powers up each item and performs a DOD overwrite (depending upon security requirements). A Certificate of Destruction is provided, confirming data has been removed. Capacity-up to 200 pieces of hard drive could be wiped off per day.

Assets Transportation & Logistics
Our experienced team can provide removal, packing and transportation of any IT equipment to any location within Malaysia. After Data Sanitizing process, ACS is able to deliver the hard drive back to our customer or relocate it to any office or personnel by request.

DOE-Approved Recycling
Our national DOE-Compliant (Department Of Environment), Non-Landfill Recycling Program is the most effective and environmentally safe way to dispose of obsolete or end-of-life computers.

Media (Hard Drive) Shredding
Absolute destruction services can be performed off site for all types of hard drives or media tapes. This service can be customized to meet any security requirements.

Asset Audit & Reporting
At site, ACS provides a live, real-time Asset Audit and Report detailing each piece of IT equipment. In addition, ACS can remove any physical tags from assets eliminating visible identity.

Risk No Business Can Afford

Data theft is becoming commonplace. The secondary market for IT hardware is a haven for information thieves who retrieve and exploit business and personal data from hard drives. Consider the following reported in a major technology publication:

"An Idaho Power Company found itself in an uncomfortable situation as it attempted to track down several unscrubbed disk drives that had been sold on eBay. The drives contained confidential employee information, correspondence with customers and memos that discussed proprietary company information. The company said it hired an outside contractor to recycle about 230 SCSI drives. The contractor had sold 84 of those drives to 12 different parties using the online auction website."

An annual study published by Scotland's University of Glamorgan on hard drive erasure reported:

"Each year, university researchers buy hard drives on eBay, at computer shops or from recycling company and then study them to see what data could be found using off-the-shelf tools. This year, the study found sensitive data on 62 percent of 133 working drives purchased in the U.K." There is a case where the data belonged to a major UK hospital group and another one from a huge UK Oil company."