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Apex Computer Services (ACS) provides Computer Disposal and Recycling Solutions which offers a full suite to end of life-cycle solutions for business clients' entire information technology (IT) platform.

Our staff is well educated, competent and professional. Integrity and customer service is a treasured core value within our business structure.

Our DOE Compliant solutions provide clients with professional technology disposal and computer recycling services for off-lease, used, excess, obsolete and older inventories of retired technology.

Start computer recycling now — contact us today to receive a free, no obligation, professional technology of recycling proposal from ACS. The scope and activities of ACS includes the followings:-

  •  Nationwide Business Computer and IT Recycling
  •   Fully Customizable Solutions
  •  Certified Audits and Asset Tag Removal
  •  100% DOE Compliant Services
  •  Data Destruction and Hard Drive Shredding
  •  Completely Green. No Compromises

ACS Computer Disposal and Recycling programme represents:

Green, Professional, Redundant
Computer Disposal and Recycling Solutions