Apex Technology

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01 Data Security
Our trained technician will arrive at location and performs hard-drive erasure, ensuring data is completely wiped before equipment ever leaves site.
04 Media (Hard Drive) Shredding
Absolute destruction services can be performed off site for all types of hard drives or media tapes. This service can be customized to meet any security requirements.
02 Assets Transportation & Logistics
Our experienced team can provide removal, packing and transportation of any IT equipment to any location within the Malaysia.
06 Asset Audit & Reporting
At site, ACS provides a live, real-time Asset Audit and Report detailing each piece of IT equipment. In addition, ACS can remove any physical tags from assets eliminating visible identity.
03 DOE-Approved Recycling
Our national DOE-Compliant (Department Of Environment), Non-Landfill Recycling Program is the most effective and environmentally safe way to dispose of obsolete or end-of-life computers.
07 Pricing
In today’s competitive market, pricing is structured to meet our client’s needs and the services to be provided.
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